Friday, August 1, 2008

Heartbreak Hotel.

Bye, home.


mommacita said...

Although you will dearly miss your "home", just look forward to the fantastic travel adventure yet to come, and a fresh new start when you return. Be sure to write about the wonders that you see and experience so that we can travel along with you on your journey. Be safe and know that we are always thinking of you.

Lorraine said...

As a great friend and mountain biker once said to me, don't look at the rock you *don't* want to hit, look at the part of the trail you *do* want to travel on. I think you're doing that with aplomb. And hey, if you don't know what part of the trail you want, just let the wind caress your face for a while.

Take care. Safe journeying. Looking forward to hearing more when you can. Oh and one more thing--there will ALWAYS be people who are happy to lend a hand, whether you know them well or not. Just ask, the help is usually at the waiting.
xo Lorraine

Anonymous said...

I am aout 6 months behind you. I have planned about 6 trips around the world now, and not done any of them. I think I have been waiting for somebody to say "its ok" to go. But it takes a while to realise that the "somebody" you are waiting to hear from - is actually yourself.
You will never regret your decision, you have to live in this life and not become a part of the scenary.
Go get 'em girl!

Squareroot-1 said...

Good title -- you need to write more often though...your writing needs to become your main focus...